The Polar Row will be a world first and the most record-breaking manpower team in history



The Polar Row is a man powered ocean rowing expedition. The Northernmost latitudes ever rowed are to be accomplished. The random winds of the Arctic Ocean on top of its low temperatures, elevate its difficulty to the extreme, depriving the crew of the advantages of the trade winds. There will be no consistent winds, currents or weather patterns that all other ocean rowing routes are determined by.

It's purpose is threefold; Exploration, Charitable fundraising and Research.

Assembled from around the globe, the pioneering crew will commence the expedition in Tromsø, Norway and row to Longyearbyen, Svalbard. The crew then depart Svalbard, bound for Iceland.

In association with Cambridge University, research into human performance will be undertaken throughout the expedition and the monies raised through fund raising will be used to build a much needed school in the Himalayas.

Upon successful completion several World Records will be set and awarded to the crew of The Polar Row.  




  • Northernmost latitude reached by a rowing vessel
  • Fastest row in the Arctic