Anticipating the unknown - Carlo

It was almost a year ago to the day that I first heard about Fiann's plan to row the Arctic. I can't place the exact moment or time, but I do know we were in a boat heading west somewhere between California and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. It was a grand idea and now it's on the verge of becoming reality.

For anyone whose done an ocean row you know that minutes blend into hours and hours blend into days and then weeks and even months. When I think about our Pacific Row I honestly feel it was just a matter of days that we were out there, rather than the near 40 days it took. Your body and mind get into a rhythmic cycle that seemingly has no beginning and no end until you abruptly reach land. It's peaceful, challenging, brutal and everything in between.... which is why I'm excited to get back out on the water.

Fiann has put in a lot of effort and work to accomplish this row and having everyone on the team join together to help make it happen is inspiring to see. Kudos to the crew!

We will have many firsts on the expedition as we row north into the Arctic and the anticipation of the unknown is something that excites me the most.

Carlo Facchino