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The Polar Row crew arranged the building of a school in the Himalayas as a charity project alongside the actual expedition. The project will begin in January of 2018 and will be the second school built under the Fiann Paul Foundation.

Donations collected by the crew

Total goal is GBP 20.000 which provides sufficient funds to build the school in the highlands of the Uttarkhand state in India. Personal goal of each crew member is GBP 2.500


The expedition combines themes of scientific progress, historical significance, and pioneering achievement all while setting out to recapture the spirit of exploration. Crew member Dr. Danny Longman, holder of a PhD in Evolutionary Biology from the University of Cambridge, studies stress and adaptation during ultra-endurance competition in extreme climates. Throughout the row, Danny will be documenting the physiological changes that the crew will experience in this harsh Arctic environment. 

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Explorer’s Club Flag: To carry the coveted Explorer’s Club flag, a club member must show that his or her expedition holds the promise of scientific results. To date there have been just 202 numbered flags which have been carried by notable explorers such as the Apollo 11 crew, Jeff Bezos, James Cameron.
After the successful completion of the expedition the Polar Row crew will give a lecture at the Explorer’s Club outlining the expeditions results and findings and overall contribution to its cause.